What You Need to Create an Ultimate Cheese Board

By Jessica Ferrer
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If you’re like us, your Instagram feed is filled with beautiful food pictures, including cheese boards that look more like they should be hanging up in a museum rather than getting devoured at so-and-so’s wedding. The balance of colors and textures is just as important as the balance of flavors when it comes to putting together a cheese board, so fruits, jams, nuts, olives and other treats share space on the board for the perfect spread. But this balance of color and textures can also come from the actual board and serving utensils, adding a rustic feel from wood or a chic look from marble. Before you head out to the gourmet grocery store for all the accoutrement, invest in some products to impress your guests at your next get-together.  

Choosing A Board
In the book “Platters and Boards: Beautiful, Casual Spreads for Every Occasion,” aka the bible when it comes to building any kind of platter, authors Shelly Westerhausen and Wyatt Worcel advise going with something more neutral so that the food can stand out, meaning that wood, stone, marble and granite are good options. If you want to add a little bit of color, find a marble board with gold accents, or something in that vein. Go for a large board so everything can fit and have space or put a few on your table in different shapes and styles. 

Handcrafted Wood Cheese Board Food52
Agate Cheese Board Anthropologie 

Using the Right Knives
Now that you have your board picked out, you’ll need some knives to help spread, cut and slice your cheeses, jams and mustards. It’s best to go for a set so that you have a knife that works well for hard cheeses and one for soft cheeses, in addition to a spreader. This will also ensure that flavors don’t mix and that your guests are getting the best possible piece of cheese. Cheese forks are also an option, but knives are more of an obvious priority, so buy those first. 

Cheese Knives Snowe
Milkmaid Cheese Knives Farmhouse Pottery

Add Small Bowls for Accoutrements
Using small bowls for your cheese board gives structure, dimension andprevents spills. Sure, some scattered almonds on the board look nice if carefully placed, so we’re not totally against letting some accoutrements sit loose. For honey, jams, olives, etc., bowls and ramekins will do the trick. Westerhausen and Worcel also recommend shallow ceramic dishes or mini mason jars. 

All Day & Night Dip Dishes Year & Day 
Golden Spoon Mason Jars Amazon 

When you’ve got all your equipment, you’re ready to build your cheese board. Another tip: have a design or theme in mind. This will help you choose cheeses and the other items you want to go on your platter. Get creative, find inspiration from online and make sure you have the essentials needed to serve. Putting together the perfect cheese board is indeed an art. 


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