The Best Farm to Table Restaurants in the Twin Cities

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Photo By Heather Gill

There are plenty of unique and appetizing foods to dine on in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota’s Twin Cities, but where the Twin Cities really shine is the use of locally sourced ingredients, whole-animal butchery and Scandinavian cooking techniques of smoking and fermenting. For cuisine that pays homage to Nordic roots and the Midwestern region, these restaurants are can’t miss. Here’s your guide to farm-to-table restaurants in the Twin Cities. 

Taste the best of the region at The Bachelor Farmer.
Paying respects to the region is no joke at The Bachelor Farmer. This popular eatery has many accolades, most recently as a semifinalist for Outstanding Wine Program by the James Beard Foundation. The food is truly Northern and inspired by the season. Visit in the winter months and you might find venison on the menu, while in the spring, fresh vegetables take center stage. The Bachelor Farmer even has an in-house forager and rooftop garden, so if you have any questions about where the food came from, you can go directly to the source. The commitment to sustainable food is clear at this farm-to-table restaurant, and it also happens to be really, really good. 

Feel like a Minnesotan native at Spoon and Stable and Demi. 
Spoon and Stable is aptly located in a former horse stable and is a favorite farm-to-table restaurant in the Twin Cities. Chef-owner Gavin Kaysen is a James Beard Award recipient and cooks with French techniques while honoring the local culture. The duck egg omelette on the brunch menu is a perfect example of that, with farmer’s cheese and smoked trout that gets a French touch from fines herbes. But if you’re looking for a more intimate farm-to-table experience, head over to Demi, Chef Kaysen’s newest venture. It’s veryMinnesotan, from the local hickory nuts to the playlist featuring Minneapolis bands. The experience is guaranteed to be immersive and creative, leaving you with a gourmet understanding of what local really means in the Twin Cities. 

For charm and house-made breads, butters and cheeses, go to Joan’s in the Park. 
Farm-to-table also means made-from-scratch at Joan’s in the Park, where this St. Paul restaurant makes breads, butters, fresh cheeses, sauces and desserts in their own kitchen. The four-course menu is a combination of fine dining and comfort, the kind of place where corn dumplings and vanilla beurre blanc live together in delicious harmony. Joan’s in the Park sources organic ingredients straight from the farmers and their wine list focuses on American wines, though there are some bottles from top producers around the world. And though the owners at Joan’s in the Park want you to love the food you’re eating, they also focus on great hospitality. For farm-to-table restaurants in the Twin Cities that are not short on charm, visit Joan’s in the Park. 

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