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While visiting Cuba has been a source of strife for Americans over the past couple of years, the island is welcoming, with a cast of colors, sounds, smells and characters unrivaled by any other island. While Americans in 2019 are allowed to travel to Cuba under 11 different stipulations— the main one being visitors can only travel independently, not with a program or group — it’s worthwhile to plan out your solo trip accordingly, taking into account that large tour providers will not be able to help dictate your trip. In cases like these, it’s worthwhile to turn to local experts, guides and experiences, which is where Airbnb plays in. For those planning a trip to Cuba, but don’t know where to start, here are a couple locally led and authentic experiences!

Cultural Walking Food Tour of Havana 
Join either Dayami or Yanelis, two self-proclaimed foodies and fans of Cuban cuisine for an epic jaunt around Havana. These cuisine-obsessed locals will guide you through the colorful streets of Havana, teaching visitors about local ingredients, the importance of artisanal foods and the long legacy of culinary techniques that have informed Cuban food culture at home and abroad. Stroll down the charming streets of the Old Town and leave space for fruit, cakes, sandwiches and coffee while learning about the unique origins behind each food. Dayami and Yanelis’s tour is open and welcoming to all, even vegetarians and vegans! 

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Tasting Afro Cuban Culture 
For those looking to lend a hand in making — as well as sampling — the goods, Adriana and Jose’s cooking experience is not to be missed. The experience is located in the pair’s hometown of Guanabacoa and introduces interested students to the influence of African spirituality on Cuban cuisine. The resulting dishes, rich, expertly spiced and delectable, are served up alongside traditional drum music and long-held family stories. Keenly interested in folklore and their African ancestors, Adriana and Jose’s experience allows visitors to get a comprehensive understanding of the interplay of cultures in Cuba, in addition to teaching attendees how to replicate some of the dishes at home. This option provides an incredible opportunity to delve deeper into the nuanced culture — and food — of Cuba. 

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Taste the Flavors of Cuba With a Chef
For those who think they’re ready to step into the kitchen with a chef, this is theexperience for you. Join professional chef Pascual, who has worked with a host of other chefs to perfect the Cuban flavors that have been passed down through generations of his family. You’ll produce a menu that will have your mouth watering. The experience starts out with a classic Cuban cocktail and provides clear, step-by-step instructions on traditional Cuban technique and flavor profiles. After the meal, you can relax with a cup of Cuban coffee and leave with a host of recipes to remember your time in Havana. 

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