How Non-Alcoholic Spirits are Changing Cocktail Culture

By Camille Danielich
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With the rise of buzzwords like “sober curious,” more and more drinkers are eschewing an alcoholic buzz for a more natural state. Whether that’s sobriety or a natural euphoria induced by an alternate substance, it’s clear that a preference for healthy living is on the rise. In fact, the global non-alcoholic beverage market is expected to reach over a hundred billion dollars by 2024.

Market influence aside, the term “sober curious” was first coined by sober and wellness advocate Ruby Warrington, who cited her journey into meditation, her growing intolerance for hangovers and a deeper lingering (addiction) issue as the primary factors for her foray into a sober curious life. Speaking on the subject, she noted: “give its role as the ultimate social lubricant, bonding tool, and all around “awesome water,” alcohol, for most of us, is intimately woven into the fabric of our social interactions. Whether we’re at home, at work, or on a hot date, a glass of wine or a cold one is the universal code for ‘let’s connect...’ however, getting drunk is an activity and and of itself...one that actually makes us lessaware of our surroundings and the people we’re with. And that, as many of us have experienced, can also just as easily lead to arguments, fights, texts you regret...and our feeling utterly, devastatingly alone.”

This revelatory process is what spurred several now-founders into the non-alcoholic spirits space. Kin Euphorics founder, Jen Batchelor, has been outspoken about her involvement in the wellness industry and her frustration with a rampant detox and diet culture that was pervasive and ultimately, harmful. She sought to create a product that would give drinkers a natural boost with the help of natural active ingredients. The resulting product, Kin Euphorics, has added adaptogens and nootropics that are designed to alleviate anxiety, elevate mood and evoke a boozy buzz… all without alcohol. As Batchelor says, once Kin is introduced to the equation, “...the bar dynamic changes. You’re no longer sitting around and shooting the shit or giving your sob story. Instead, you’re ready to dance, paint, play music and create…”

And it’s this mentality that’s driven many in major US cities to follow suit. At Getaway in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood, mocktail culture reigns supreme with offerings such as the Dates Gonna Date (Medjool date, peanut butter, lime, banana syrup, vanilla, macadamia nut milk, Coco Rico soda) and the Paper Train (lemon juice, tobacco syrup, vanilla, San Pellegrino Chinotto). It’s Manhattan counterpart, Listen Bar, is only open one night per month, but still receives acclaim and a routine rotation of regulars. And West Coasters can experience a buzz-less booze at Accomplice, the Edison, Gracias Madre and Lono, among others.

It’s becoming more and more clear — non-alcoholic fun is more readily accessible at home or out on the town. So the good news is that there’s an booze-free world out there, and it’s yours for the sipping.

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