A Food Filled Trip Around the Islands of Naples Bay, Italy

By Jessica Ferrer
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Photo By Andy Holmes

At the Port of Naples, the most important question you need to answer is, “which island are you going to first?” Going island-hopping around the Bay of Naples is not only a great way to have the Mediterranean vacation of your dreams, but it’s also sure to be a food-filled adventure. We’re going to trust that you stopped for pizza in Naples while making your way to the port (if you didn’t, fix that as soon as you’ve had your fill of the islands), so seafood and pasta top this adventure. Throw in a few espressos and Aperol spritzes to keep fueled for the perfect Italian-style vacation. 

Colorful buildings are the first thing you’ll notice when you pull into port in Procida. Teals, oranges, yellows, pinks and other warm, bright colors greet you, enhanced in beauty by the sparkling Mediterranean waters. Procida is much smaller than its nearby sister islands, but serves as a solid introduction to your culinary adventure around the Bay of Naples. 

If there’s one thing your trip won’t be short on, it’s romance. It doesn’t matter who you’re traveling with or if you’re going it alone, the dreamy atmosphere will sweep anyone off their feet. This is especially true at La Pergola. If you haven’t caught on yet, lemons are everywhere in Southern Italy: in your pasta, your after-dinner limoncello and painted onto pottery. At La Pergola, you dine underneath the lemon trees for a cozy experience in the garden. Aside from plentiful fresh seafood options, It’s easy to spend a whole evening there. 

But if you’re looking for views, La Lampara is the place to go. Located inside Hotel La Corricella, the restaurant is known for its spectacular view of the marina. Enjoy handmade pastas and the catch of the day as you plan your next vacation back to the island. 

It’s easy for everything to feel luxurious when you’re traveling around the Bay of Naples, and on Ischia you can taste luxury as you dine at Daní Maison. This two star Michelin restaurant is located inside an old house with a garden that also happens to be Chef Nino Di Costanzo’s family home. When it came to choosing a location for his restaurant, Di Costanzo chose his family home because it’s “a cozy place where one feels comfortable” and a place with “history, roots and a strong bond” with the region. If you’ve ever wanted to be invited over to an Italian home for dinner, this is not a bad place to go. 

The food here is not your grandma’s cooking, however. At Daní Maison, the food is rooted in tradition but is also dynamic, innovative and experimental. It’s Italian fine dining that manages to be inviting and creative without being intimidating. There’s even an option to let the chef design a menu for you on the spot, sort of an Italian omikase, if you will.  For a special night out on your culinary adventure, visit Daní Maison. 

Capri & Anacapri
The island of Capri is arguably one of the most well-known, frequented by those seeking a bit of Mediterranean glamour. In between trips to the beach, you can shop high-end fashion, indulge in some gelato or simply sit outside with the drink of your choice people-watching. It won’t be hard to find a place to eat in Capri, where more than one Michelin-starred restaurant call the island home. For a unique dining experience in Capri, head to Le Grottelle, where you can dine in a cave while overlooking the sea. If you found your experience dining under lemon trees in Procida enchanting, La Zagara (Anacapri) and da Paolino will help you relive that all over again. 

Other restaurants not to be missed are Mammà for luxurious fine dining and Aurora, where you can mix and mingle with celebrities. No matter where you end up on your culinary adventure around the Bay of Naples, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, full and with memories pretty enough for movie screens. 

For more information visit Discover Italy


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