7 Memorable Dining Experiences to Book on Airbnb

By Jessica Ferrer
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Food tells a multitude of stories, whether it’s tales of family, hardship, creativity or an edible history of the region. When you travel, food is your gateway to the culture and the country, and there’s no better way than to learn from the people who know best. Airbnb’s memorable dining experiences around the world range from intimate, upscale and romantic to rustic and authentic.

Cooking in The Chianti Hills 
One of the most popular Airbnb food and drink experiences is cooking in the Chianti Hills with Luca and Lorenzo, who will show you the amount of love that goes into Italian cooking. You’ll learn how to make pasta in an idyllic setting, a daydream come true. Before you chow down on your homemade pastas and sauces, you get to enjoy an Italian-style aperitivo, then pair your dishes with some Italian wines. Live out your Italian villa fantasy during this cooking class. 

Galapagos Slow Food Safari 
Sustainability and adventure go hand in hand on the Galapagos Islands. On the Galapagos Slow Food Safari, you get to experience this while promoting the slow food movement as you cook and taste food from the island. The idea is to cook withnature, not against it. This experience is a 6-day trip that involves a trip to a coffee farm, eating at restaurant Anker Mar To Table, fishing from a yacht and other exciting food experiences. The trip also includes other adventure activities you might expect while visiting the island, such as kayaking, hiking and sailing, so you get the chance to take in everything the city has to offer. 

Make Tacos Al Pastor with A Chef
Explore the markets of Mexico City and then learn what to do with your purchases from father-son duo Raja and Antonio. Mexico City is full of amazing food experiences and eating a few tacos from one of the many street vendors is an addicting activity. Instead of longing for those “super delicious tacos you ate on that one corner,” you can take a recipe home with you — which is even better than a souvenir. When you make tacos al pastor with Chef Raja, he’ll teach you how to make tortillas, salsa and a smaller version of the tacos al pastor trompo, or spit. The marinated meat is skewered on top of a nicely sized pineapple slice, so all of the juices will drip onto the pineapple. Need we say more? 

Gourmet Private Dinner with A Japanese Chef 
For a unique dining experience in Tokyo, book the gourmet private dinner with a Japanese chef. This Airbnb food and drink experience invites you into the chef’s home and gives you a chance to customize your meal, as the chef asks for your favorite food before the event. Though they’ll try their best to include it, you will still be pleased with sashimi, sushi and quality Japanese meat on the menu. Chef Ryo, who worked in restaurants before starting his Airbnb experience with co-host Dan, adds his personal touch to Japanese dishes that are paired with wine, sake, whisky and local beer. It’s a cozy event that could end up being the best meal you ate while in Tokyo. 

Leisurely Best-of-Versailles & Brunch 
If you’re going to check out Versailles, you might as well have brunch while you’re at it. On the Leisurely Best-of-Versailles & Brunch experience, guides Valkyrie and friends take you through a market to sample rare cheeses paired with wine, crepes and whatever little surprises you find while exploring the Marché. Champagne is included because you arevisiting the former palace of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI after all, so a sip of bubbly is totally acceptable. You also get to skip the lines once you arrive at the Palace of Versailles, and you don’t have to wake up early to do so. It’s a win-win situation. 

Maboneng Nightwalk & Penthouse Dinner 
Maboneng is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Johannesburg, often compared to Brooklyn due to its many hip cafés and restaurants, bustling nightlife scene and boutiques. Your Maboneng Nightwalk & Penthouse Dinner starts out with a walking tour under the city lights, and it teaches you about the history of the neighborhood, filled with art and other unique things to see. Then you head to a penthouse for a fine dining experience, offering another vantage point of the city and some good eats. It’s just $37 per person to book this cool experience in Johannesburg, so get on it.  

Taste the Essentials of Hungarian Wine 
Your list of things to do in Budapest should include a wine tasting. Hungarian wines might not be as popular or well-known as other wines in the present day, but the wine region has a long history. This is where Tamás, Christian, Sebastian, and Lilla come in, as they help you Taste The Essentials Of Hungarian Wine.  History is much better when you get to? taste it, right? As they share their passion of Hungarian wine, you’ll also get to snack on local cheeses and meats paired with the wines. They save the best for last: a glass of sweet Tokaj aszú wine, described by Louis XIV as “the king of wines and the wine of kings.” Be careful — you might want to take a bottle home. 

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