3 Easy Tips to Create A Modern Tropical Table Setting

By Jessica Ferrer
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Whether you’re planning a get-together or simply want to add a tropical feel to your home, getting the look of an island paradise is rather easy. Here are some tips for creating an updated tropical tablescape. 

Choose one accent color like fuschia, gold or ocean blue. 
Tropical getaways are all about color, full of beautiful vegetation so vivid it will stay in your mind for a lifetime. Dining rooms, on the other hand, deserve one bright color so it doesn’t overpower the room. Finding an accent color that reminds you of the tropics is enough to add vibrancy to the table without being overwhelming. The rich pinks of hibiscus flowers, for example, would do well. Gold is also a natural accent color used in many table setting designs — the golden pineapple we used in our tablescape is both modern and tropical. 

Plants are essential for tropical table. 
It doesn’t matter if they are fake or real — you’ll want to add plants to your table to round out the design. Large green leaves surrounding candles, small flowers in wooden planters or some fresh orchids all add to the aesthetic. If you’re using fake plants, you can opt to add some bowls of fresh fruit on the table, both for design and as something for guests to snack on. 

Keep it simple. 
We love the plates we used in our design because the teal color gives off ocean vibes, and the gold-accented tropical designs are simple. It’s sleek and delicate, while still adding to the theme. The pastel pink placemats add in a pop of color and balance the look. Ultimately, you want you want the food to do the talking — your tablescape should add to the atmosphere, so keeping it simple is the way to go. 

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