About us

At EditFeast, we believe in creating a life full of celebrations, gatherings, and adventures centered around food, great conversation, and beautiful design! At home, dining out or on the road, we bring you inspirational contents from exceptional and unique places and creators.

Food is the greatest unifier across all cultures, bringing people together to celebrate and create beautiful memories. One city and one culture at a time, we will take you on a journey of discovery and learning about different food cultures and taste of various cultural dishes, ingredients, and flavors from around the world.

By collaborating and producing content with local experts, chefs, designers, and visionaries, we are growing our community of passionate and creative tastemakers and creators. Our goal is to share stories to inspire you with the magic of gatherings, traditions and food with unforgettable experiences and adventures.

I hope you join us on our journey and be part of our community!

Nagi Mir
Founder and Chief Editor